Vanderbilt University Graduate & Professional Student Housing

Project Facts

Nashville, Tennessee
Vanderbilt University/Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions
May 2023
338,000 square feet


The design is a total of 338,000 square feet, which includes 529 residential units and 616 beds, in addition to 24,800 square feet of retail space. The construction included two connected towers. South Tower stands seven stories and North Tower is 11 stories.
The apartments are adjacent to campus and feature a collaborative workspace, conference rooms, informal gathering areas, and a 13,000 square-foot “co-lab” which provides a dedicated area for academics.
Construction on the housing development was completed in time for the 2023-2024 academic year.
Systems include structure cabling, access control, video surveillance, audio visual, area of refuge, emergency responder radio communication system, and emergency code blue phones.
Key Systems Integrated
Vendors Managed

The Challenge

During the construction of The Broadview at Vanderbilt University, the most significant challenge the project team encountered was creating a seamless integration of technology systems throughout the building. This task required ensuring that the design and construction of the building could accommodate the extensive cabling infrastructure necessary to support various technological components. Achieving this goal involved meticulous coordination with architects, engineers, and subcontractors to determine the optimal routing paths and access points while also considering the aesthetic aspects of the building.

Sustainability and Collaboration

The Broadview exemplifies Vanderbilt University’s commitment to sustainability, reflecting its values and vision. The project actively incorporates all integrated systems to ensure the safety and security of its residents. The construction adheres to eco-friendly practices and utilizes energy-efficient systems, effectively reducing the environmental impact.

Moreover, this project showcases a collaborative partnership between Vanderbilt University and the project stakeholders. JE Dunn, Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions, and Vanderbilt University have closely collaborated to create a sustainable and student-focused housing experience.

The Results

The Broadview at Vanderbilt University represents a groundbreaking development in student housing, designed to meet the unique needs of graduate and professional students. With its modern design, prime location, and an impressive array of amenities, this purpose-built community offers a vibrant and engaging living environment. By fostering a sense of community, promoting collaboration, and embracing sustainability, The Broadview enriches the graduate student experience while contributing to Vanderbilt University’s legacy and strong presence in Nashville. Upon completion in time for the 2023–24 academic year, The Broadview is set to become a cornerstone of student life, creating lasting memories and empowering students to thrive both academically and socially.

Aptitude is a homerun vendor partner. Always part of the solution and ready to assist in any way that gets the project to a successful conclusion. Highly recommend them on any future projects.
David Vogt
Project Executive
Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions