Project Facts

Nashville, Tennessee
Neuhoff Acquisition/New City Properties
August 2024


Four JE Dunn tower cranes. $90 million of self-perform work. LEED-certified and a total construction value of over $380 million. The Neuhoff mixed use development project in Nashville is one that we should all be proud of as employee-owners. The team has exemplified what it means to have a fluid partnership with the client to achieve the best possible results.

The Neuhoff project is a transformation of Nashville’s early-1900s meatpacking district. Just north of downtown Nashville, it offers retail and office space, multifamily apartments, food and drink options, and is close to some of Germantown’s best restaurants. Neuhoff expands over nine acres and is more than 1,070,000 square feet of rentable and finished space, with an additional 900,000 square feet of below grade parking along the Cumberland River.

JE Dunn’s ability to handle large, complex, and challenging projects has been crucial for the success of Neuhoff. Through construction, JE Dunn is managing diverse workloads and multiple project types simultaneously, including logistics of three teams and four tower cranes through two access points, while being bound by a river on one side and a public greenway on the other.

Three building types, or “blocks,” run concurrently, with separate teams on the same site: a 15-story office building; a 6-story adaptive reuse of a 100-year-old multi-wythe brick slaughterhouse; and two residential towers over a parking deck comprising a total of 542 units and 2,100 parking stalls that serve the entire complex. Interweaved between these are site amenity spaces including the rebuilt exterior of John Prine’s studio, a water feature, an amphitheater, tiered gardens, a paver, placed boulders, and installations of relics salvaged from the slaughterhouse operation and other Germantown history. JE Dunn has stretched our capabilities to meet the client’s needs, helping us grow and develop as an even more advanced contractor.

Driven by design, the project required ongoing fluidity on the direction and overall plans. The team adapted as the client’s decisions changed throughout the project – not the most common (or easiest) way of building. During the structural repair, the team worked with designers and engineers to repair over 1,000 individual beam, column, and slab locations, developing new methods of structural restoration, while maintaining a “goldilocks zone” of repairs—adequate enough for structural purposes but rough enough to maintain authenticity. The 542 residential units are made up of nearly 70 individual types of rooms with high end finishes and appliances to ensure every tenant has the experience of individuality.

Neuhoff is a strong example of JE Dunn diversifying our market experience through the multiple project types listed above. JE Dunn stepped up and excelled to complete this iconic project, showing that we are truly the builder of choice. Congratulations to the team on such a successful project!