Baylor University Fudge Football Development Center

Project Facts

Waco, Texas
Baylor University/Baylor University
July 2024


This new 110,000 square-foot (approximate) facility that will house coaches’ offices and players’ locker room and resources for the Division 1 Football program at Baylor University. The facility will include meeting rooms, strength and conditioning space, training/rehab support, equipment and storage accommodations and other functions to support the football program. The new building will tie-in and connect to the existing Allison Indoor Practice Facility, which will require minor modifications to the existing facility to tie-in. Additionally, the project scope also includes an expansion of the existing Allison Indoor Practice Facility to extend the length of the indoor practice field. Minor improvements to the existing outdoor practice fields are part of the project scope. The Aptitude team will coordinate the low-voltage technology for the project.