Innovation is at the heart of what we do

April 1, 2024
Picture of Sam Holt

Sam Holt

Managing Director

The word innovation may be misused. Merriam-Webster Dictionary points out that ‘innovation and invention overlap semantically but are really quite distinct,’ citing the example that while an invention is most likely ‘something which has not previously been in existence’ while ‘innovation can refer to something new or a change made to an existing product, idea, or field.’ In Aptitude’s line of work, the ability to be innovative in our approach is often paramount to our success. In fact, our entire business model is founded on the idea that there is a better way to plan for and implement technology in construction projects.

With this commitment to innovation in mind, we recently implemented our own Aptitude Project of the Year Award, which we call the Flux Capacitor Awards – a nod to the fictional Dr. Brown’s invention in Back to the Future. We want to celebrate the individuals and project teams who challenge the status quo with the goal of overcoming challenges and creating new ways of achieving better results for our clients. It has been fun to see how this internal award has inspired some friendly competition and creativity among our team.

This issue of the newsletter also celebrates innovation with a closer look at our Design Phase Services team. This group of team members is the epitome of innovative thinking and problem solving. They create new ways to improve technology design daily and are regularly developing or testing new tools to improve technology planning for our clients.

Thank you for everything you do to champion Aptitude. With a growing portfolio of projects and continued opportunities to grow and innovate in the smart building space, our future is bright.

Sam Holt

National Managing Director