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November 9, 2023

Aptitude: Intelligent Integration now has a podcast. We call it Digital Rebar, the term our team often uses to refer to technology infrastructure within a building. Just as steel rebar is critical for reinforcing concrete, digital rebar is critical to a smart building’s operations and efficiency. Each episode features thoughtful conversations about smart buildings and technology integration. Follow Digital Rebar on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, or Google so you don’t miss an episode.

Episode #2, Creating a connected campus, is coming soon. In this episode, Aptitude Design & Preconstruction Director Chris Andrews will host two innovative thought leaders to talk about technology on a college campus, Donny Walker of Newcomb and Boyd and Douglas Plumley of Dartmouth College. The three take a deep dive into what the demands of changing technology mean for a college’s IT infrastructure and resource planning. Whether you’re an IT guru or simply wondering what happened to hardcover textbooks and dorm room wipe-off message boards, you won’t want to miss this conversation with three of the brightest in their field.