Digital Rebar, the Aptitude podcast, is coming soon!

July 11, 2023

Aptitude is excited to announce that we are launching a podcast series, Digital Rebar. We chose this name because our team often refers to the technology infrastructure in a building as its ‘digital rebar.’ Just like steel rebar is critical for reinforcing concrete, the digital infrastructure in a building is critical for making it smarter and more efficient. Our podcast series will feature conversations with smart building thought leaders and innovators. We’ll dig deeper into the details of digital rebar… why it’s important, the latest technology trends, how digital rebar is shaping the business of smart buildings, how it’s impacting the businesses that inhabit smart buildings. In our first episode, Healthcare and East Region Operations Director John Cooper will host Chief Information Officer of Williamson Health, Jeff Goad, for a conversation about how his team is using technology to bring excellent patient experiences to its state-of-the-art hospital in Franklin, Tennessee. They will discuss the technology opportunities and challenges Williamson Health and other healthcare facilities are facing. This podcast is coming soon, and you won’t want to miss it!