All In at the Goodlaxson House

March 10, 2022
Picture of Kathy Goodlaxson

Kathy Goodlaxson

Project Accountant

As part of Women in Construction Week 2022, we are highlighting women on our team and raising awareness about job opportunities within construction. Kathy Goodlaxson, Aptitude’s Project Administrator, is a great example of a woman whose valuable skillset and perspective have made a positive impact on our team’s success.

Kathy keeps Aptitude’s ducks in a row. As Project Administrator, she ensures the finances for every job are in line, on point, and carefully tracked. She is also integral to streamlining processes and supporting projects. Kathy has been a part of the team for more than four years. She has a background in finance, having managed the collections department for a large financial institution. In addition to financial and leadership experience, she brings an understanding of the construction industry that was gleaned by living it long before she worked within our field, because Kathy is married to JE Dunn Superintendent Justin Goodlaxson. Her unique combination of expertise has made her a perfect fit for her current role.

“I feel like I was prepared for my job through conversations we had and things I learned through him long before I worked in the industry,” Kathy said. “The best thing that I ever did was work on a jobsite and watch all that a job involves and what a superintendent does.”

Kathy has traveled alongside Justin, whose role has taken him to multiple cities around the country. While some might find the moves challenging, Kathy views it as an adventure and a privilege to form bonds with other JE Dunn families who often become close friends, and experience places they might not otherwise visit – Kathy says their two young daughters have been to countless zoos and aquariums throughout the country.

Kathy’s first job with the company was working on a JE Dunn jobsite as a Project Coordinator – a role that often requires wearing many hats; not just a hard hat. She supported the project with tracking schedules and finances, managing paperwork, and troubleshooting a variety of issues on any given day. Once the project was complete, she joined the Aptitude team.

“Kathy is an important part of our team because she has a clear understanding of our work and juggles a lot to keep our projects on track behind the scenes,” Aptitude Managing Director Sam Holt said. “I also value her intuition and her ability to find new solutions that help our business run smoothly.”

Kathy’s understanding of how buildings are constructed, industry terminology, culture, and the roles of trade partners have been instrumental in her success supporting Aptitude’s work integrating the technology systems in built environments. She also has a firm grasp of how her project administration work supports the bigger picture.

“I get to see how my work plays into actually getting the building not just built but also fully operational for the client with what Aptitude has to offer,” Kathy said. “My career path has been unexpected, but it’s been the perfect fit for me. Our team and culture are the best. I feel empowered and challenged daily, and I love what I do.”